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Instant Anthology | Mikayla Johnson

October 13, 2012 | Yvcanthology | Comments (0)

She had all the beauty and brains in the world; she was talented.

She was beautiful, black and intelligent.

When she walked into the room her presence glowed throughout it like the sun rising in the morning.

When she spoke to anyone she would hit a spark within them like fireworks in the night sky.

She was captivating, and although she smiled something was missing.

Inconsistency was her worst enemy.

He attacked her whenever he got a chance. He seemed to strike her at the highest points in of her life.

She was would present amazing pieces and the applause from the crowd, roared like a lion in the safari/

After she would try to produce new pieces but inconsistency came and attacked her. The word inconsistent has been used to censor domestic violence.

Inconsistency is him. He is her. He is anyone who tried to stop anyone from being close to perfection.

Inconsistent is defined as  ”not the same throughout.”

This is very much what domestic violence will do to people.

She was brilliant and beautiful, but now she is revealed naked and uncovered from her past.

She is now exposed from her tragedy and can no longer hide from her terrible past, named inconsistency.

Silence is not an option. Stop domestic violence. 


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