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Hot Summer Read: I'll Be Watching!

August 20, 2012 | Thanusa | Comments (0)

I'll be watchingI'll Be Watching

by: Pamela Porter

 Taking place in small town Saskatchewan during the Great Depression and written in blank verse, the story and images flow vividly and easily off the page. Four children experience the death of their beloved mother, the remarriage of their father to a Bible thumping wicked stepmother and his cruel death as only the beginning of their trials. Adults in their small town are not as they seem and the children are victims of more than one immoral adult. With no parents to protect them other adults are quick to take advantage and add to their misery. Despite this, the strength of the eldest sister keeps them together and able to survive the misfortune of their lives and hope for a better future wins out in the end.

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Want More Steampunk?

August 16, 2012 | Alice | Comments (0)

It's not just a fashion statement! As much as our featured book this week is a non-fiction how-to, steampunk is a literary subgenre as well. It is intended to evoke the same aesthetic and romance of a time gone by and what could have been, an alternate universe of sorts.

Are you curious? There are a few fine steampunk titles and series in the teen collections, some of which you have maybe heard of. The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare, for example, has been wildly popular. You might also want to try Scott Westerfeld's series that starts with Leviathan and continues on with Behemoth and Goliath. Another great title is Kady Cross' The Girl in the Steel Corset.

If you'd like to dig deeper, you can also find a good deal more to read in both the adult and teen collections on our catalogue by simply entering "steampunk fiction."

And if you want something to watch? The movie that always leap to mind first when I think steampunk is Wild Wild West. It's an older movie, I know, and maybe harder to get hold of, btu it is a lot of fun. Alternately, you might check out the newer Sherlock Holmes movies, which have some of that same feel.

Olympic Fever Continues

August 11, 2012 | Lamb | Comments (0)

Like many Canadians, I am very proud of the Canadian Team at the London Olympic 2012.

There were so many memorable moments including Canada’s first medal a bronze in diving from Jennifer Abel and Emilie Heymans, Canada’s gold medal by Rosie MacLennan in Trampoline and the women’s soccer match between Canada and France where the Canadian team won the bronze medal.

The closing ceremony is going to be on Sunday but we can continue the Olympic Fever by reading some of these exciting sports books:

PopBall Dont Lie Shut OutBoy21

Share your most memorable moments from the London Olympic 2012 and your favourite sports books.

Hot Summer Read: Above

August 10, 2012 | Lamb | Comments (0)


Leah Bobet

Matthew lives in Safe, an underground haven for outcasts with strange abnormalities and abilities including Whisper who can speak with ghosts, Jack who can control electricity, Ariel who can transform into a bee and Safe’s crab-clawed leader, Atticus. When a former friend returns for revenge, Matthew and the others must flee their home, forced above, to the streets of Toronto. There, the group must find a way to take back their home, even if it means discovering dark secrets about Safe and placing trust in those they fear.

Check out Leah Bobet's website!


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Hot Summer Read: Mangaman

August 7, 2012 | Lamb | Comments (2)


Mangaman, by Barry Lyga

What would happen if a manga character found himself in the world of Western-style comics? 

In Mangaman,  Ryoko Kiyama, a manga character with big eyes and an amazingly small waistline, falls through a mysterious rift into a North American comic-book drama. Ryoko seems like a freak to the more “realistic” characters, who wonder at first if he’s even alive. But if he can’t get home, he needs to find a way to fit in to this new world—whether it is “real” or not. 

 Check out Barry Lyga's website here


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Hot Summer Book: Blizzard of Glass

May 31, 2012 | Thomas | Comments (4)

Blizzard of GlassBlizzard of Glass: The Halifax Explosion of 1917

by Sally Walker   

December 6 1917 – two ships, are en route to the conflict in Europe – one is carrying munitions. They collide in Halifax Harbour with catastrophic results. The initial explosion – the largest man-made explosion until the atomic bomb in 1945 - creates a tsunami and within minutes Halifax and a neighbouring town are devastated.   Nature contributes to the horror in the form of a blizzard that obstructs rescue efforts.  Ultimately close to 2000 people perish.  The depth of the tragedy highlights the incredible courage of the survivors and comes to life in Blizzard of Glass.

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