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Sally Walker Speaks! Meet the author of Blizzard of Glass

July 4, 2012 | Thomas | Comments (1)

Blizzard of GlassAward-winning author Sally Walker has spent a lifetime fascinated with the Halifax Explosion - one of the most devastating disasters of the 20th century. Earlier this month, Sally graciously took a few minutes to answer some of our questions about her book Blizzard of Glass, the Halifax explosion, and what's she's up to next.


1. What made you decide to write about the Halifax explosion?

My family lived in Halifax for two years. We used to eat at a fish and chips place down on Barrington Street. I remember hearing about how the whole neighborhood had been destroyed many years earlier.  Of course, I'd heard about the Titanic, but our waiter said, "No, this is something else, an even bigger disaster." There were also some stories in the newspaper about building a memorial tower, which has since been built on the top of the hill, on the site of Fort Needham. We even visited the Narrows (the site of the explosion) when we walked across the MacDonald Bridge during a bridge walk. At some point, I went to the library and read up on the disaster. 

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Hot Summer Book: Blizzard of Glass

May 31, 2012 | Thomas | Comments (4)

Blizzard of GlassBlizzard of Glass: The Halifax Explosion of 1917

by Sally Walker   

December 6 1917 – two ships, are en route to the conflict in Europe – one is carrying munitions. They collide in Halifax Harbour with catastrophic results. The initial explosion – the largest man-made explosion until the atomic bomb in 1945 - creates a tsunami and within minutes Halifax and a neighbouring town are devastated.   Nature contributes to the horror in the form of a blizzard that obstructs rescue efforts.  Ultimately close to 2000 people perish.  The depth of the tragedy highlights the incredible courage of the survivors and comes to life in Blizzard of Glass.

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