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Our Second Creative Writing Challenge Winner!

August 30, 2012 | Thomas | Comments (2)

Over the summer, we on the Word Out team got to read some truly astounding writing, submitted to our Creative Writing Challenge. Some entries made us laugh out loud; some gave us pause. All were totally impressive however, and it was both a pleasure and a huge challenge to choose winners.

At first, we were only going to have one prize for the contest, but seeing how many submissions we got, we decided that we'd add two more. For the next few days, we're going to be sharing the winning entries with you. You can check out all of the amazing stories, poems and essays however, by visiting the Creative Writing Challenge page.

The second winner we will announce is tdfyukyh, who wrote a poem inspired by the first postcard.

6a00e5509ea6a18834016767d7ee62970b-800wiA snowflake in the sky,
Or a tear drop in my eye.

A blade of grass in my pot,
Or a single tree in the lot.

They’re so beautiful and nice,
But sometimes they’re beauty does not suffice.

For a snowflake in a storm,
Does not stand out in any way shape or form.

A tear drop when I'm crying,
Gets brushed away and goes flying.

With its brothers a blade of grass,
Are lovely to see, but are seen as a mass.

A tree alone, is mighty and tall,
But a tree in the forest is a tree, and that’s all.

In the midst of a crowd, I’m one of you,
But alone at my mirror I’m unique, and that’s true


My Curved Border

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