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Our First Creative Writing Challenge Winner!

August 29, 2012 | Thomas | Comments (1)

Over the summer, we on the Word Out team got to read some truly astounding writing, submitted to our Creative Writing Challenge. Some entries made us laugh out loud; some gave us pause. All were totally impressive however, and it was both a pleasure and a huge challenge to choose winners.

At first, we were only going to have one prize for the contest, but seeing how many submissions we got, we decided that we'd add two more. For the next few days, we're going to be sharing the winning entries with you. You can check out all of the amazing stories, poems and essays however, by visiting the Creative Writing Challenge page.

The first winner we will announce is Hanan, who wrote the moving story Unexpected Best Friend, inspired by Postcard #3.

6a00e5509ea6a18834017615ba5bde970c-350wiUnexpected Friend

Ever since John Baker was a baby he always saw a person that nobody else saw. It was always the first thing he saw in the morning and the last thing he saw at night. When he first learned to speak, instead of those common question children would ask at his age he would ask his parents different questions, like, who is that person following me? Why does he do that? Everyday he would ask his parents those questions. Finally, they decided to go to the doctor but he said exactly what they knew he would, he said “it is all apart of growing up”, but his parents knew it was more then that. They watched him for a while but never saw anything weird anymore; he had stopped asking those questions. Although the questions had stopped the person never went away. He would see it everywhere he went. He really didn’t care. Years had pasted, he was now 10. He started to wonder who that person was. He talked to him, trying to learn more about him. He learned that his name was Harry Lord. He really liked harry, he started spending more time with him. He played with him at school (although his classmates called him a weird) and home (his parents saw but they gave up on caring a long time ago). They started to become really good friends, although that friendship may have looked weird it was the best friendship he ever had. He grew up, alongside his friend. He never cared if people stared, or thought he was crazy. One day, he went down to the photo booth across the street and took a picture to remember all the great times he had with his best friend.


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