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The upgrade from public school to high school

July 19, 2012 | Cameron | Comments (0)

I still clearly remember my first day of Grade 9.

I hate it.

I got lost on my way to second period. My sisters were both in grades ahead of me and refused to speak to me as they were embarassed that I was in high school with them and could tell their secrets.

There was also the issue that I just felt terrified at this new approach to education. I had never been in a setting where we had to go from class to class. I did not know any of the teachers.

Also I hated the fact that I had been at the top of the pecking order in grade 8 and now in grade 9 had been put back to the bottom of the pile.

The only positive thing I remember about going into grade 9 was that it mean that my public school education was more than half over. Surviving 8 years of public school and having only 5 years of high school ahead of me was a big marker that I was becoming older, more mature and in some sense of the word an adult.

However now as an adult I look back at high school and sort of smirk and squirm. Sure it was a stepping stone, but I did not factor in how much time I would spend in university, nor did I factor in the fact that being an adult is not scripted. . . I had and still do have much to learn, but at least reflecting on who I was in grade 9 makes me feel way more mature than if I focused on what I was like in University.


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