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Hot Summer Read: Scandalous!

July 30, 2012 | James M. | Comments (0)

Scandalous!Scandalous!: 50 Shocking Events You Should Know About (So You Can Impress Your Friends)

by Hallie Fryd

 Who doesn't enjoy a good celebrity scandal? Think all those endless celebrity screw-ups are a recent thing? Think again! Since way back when, famous people have been finding ways to shock and surprise us. Find out about 50 juicy scandals from the world of pop culture, politics and entertainment from the early 1900s on. Learn all the sordid details, and how people are still talking about these scandals today. Packed with famous quotes, pictures and a where are they now section.




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 The Greatest Music Stories Never ToldThe Greatest Music Stories Never Told: 100 Tales from Music History to Astonish, Bewilder, and Stupefy

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HHow to Fight, Lie and Cry Your Way to Popularityow to Fight, Lie and Cry Your Way to Popularity (and a Prom Date): Lousy Life Lessons From 50 Teen Movies

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