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Going to FanExpo? New to conventions?

July 16, 2014 | Ames | Comments (10) Facebook Twitter More...

Mummies Alive cosplayers
Mummies Alive cosplay!

FanExpo 2014 will be held in downtown Toronto from August 28th-31st!

If you’ve never been to an anime or fan convention before, they can be pretty overwhelming. Especially if you decide to go for your first time in a costume! Here are a few suggestions on the etiquette and common sense to follow!

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Anabela Piersol's Photography Tips

July 15, 2014 | Thomas Krzyzanowski | Comments (7) Facebook Twitter More...


Fieldguided Anabela Piersol Pink Hat
Photo by Anabela Piersol


This post was written by Toronto based designer, photographer & library lover Anabela Piersol. Anabela is one half of the duo responsible for the insightful & gorgeous blog fieldguided.

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When I was in the sixth grade I got my first camera. It was a Fuji point and shoot that used 35mm film, although I didn't know what a point and shoot was at the time. I loved taking pictures with it, even if my first few rolls of film all featured part of my thumb obscuring the view. I didn't know a thing about photography, but I loved the thrill of pulling my freshly-printed photographs from the development lab's envelope. I told my brother that I wanted to be a photographer, and he scoffed. “Photographers have to moonlight.” I didn't know what that meant, and he said “It can't be your main job. You can only take pictures on weekends and in the evening. It's not a real career.” And just like that, I never thought about becoming a professional photographer again. Now I know better. There are plenty of people who work as professional photographers, and while it can be a difficult and competitive field, it can also be very rewarding and fulfilling. I am merely an amateur photographer, but I do enjoy it and still enjoy the thrill of looking at my prints (I still prefer to shoot on film, even now, years later).

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Yarn Bomb Your Pics!

July 9, 2014 | Winona | Comments (4) Facebook Twitter More...

Yarn Bomb Your Pics!
Yarn Bombed photos image from Etsy

Get creative at the library this summer! Come to the Bloor/Gladstone branch on Monday July 14, 2-4 pm, and learn how to yarn bomb your pics!

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