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Weekly Trivia 9: Do You Remember? WINNER

September 3, 2014 | Ray | Comments (0) Facebook Twitter More...

Congrats to Barney Wei for the first factual answer.  And congrats to Monidipa for the creative answer to "Come up with a creative way to wipe out bad memories and restore good ones."

Here's her creative answer:

A creative way would be to find a rare kind of scientist who can make a special gooey, green fourmula that knocks you out for three hours. You are given this formula to drink because removing memories, especially bad ones are rather painful for the subject. Next, the scientist performs a sacred ritual in which he takes a piece of your soul and mixes it in with the blood from an Inland Taipan (the deadliest snake in the world). Once that is mixed together, the scientist puts it in a peculiar cylinder which turns the mixture into sparkling powder. Next, he sprinkles the poweder over your body and black smoke comes out of your heart. If you had directly put the Inland Taipan's blood on your body, you would have died but since you mixed it with something pure, it is an antibiotic to evil. When you are awake, you realize that you can't remember anything bad in your life. But the scientist never told you the side effects- if you undergo the procedure, then you will become a child again emotionally, trusting everyone and everything. After all, you've never felt pain, right?

Whoh. Wondering what the Inland Taipan is? I sure was.  Here's the wikipedia page for Inland Taipan.

A very deadly inland taipan [wikipedia]

Both winners will be contacted and receive a rad read sent to their local library branch.