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Collector Card Contest - We have a Winner!

September 1, 2014 | Thomas Krzyzanowski | Comments (5) Facebook Twitter More...

Collector Card ImageThus summer, we threw a contest. We asked you to find some cards, put them together like a puzzle, and be inspired by the image they created to do something creative. And you, WORD OUT folks, you came through with some amazing art.

We had essays and short stories, poems and songs, drawings and collages and even a bizzare quasi-mystery. It was really hard to choose the one we liked best, but after careful deliberation, we decided that the winning WORD OUTer was....

... JADE!

We were thrilled with Jade's collage, "Winged Words". We thought aside from being a masterfully created composition, it did a wonderful job of playing on the image on the cards, while still doing something fun and creative and original.

Winged Words

We'd like to thank everyone who submitted an entry in this year's contest. Y'all are amazing. People should definitely check out the other contest entries, because they're all really good!

For you aaspiring writers or artists, consider submitting something to our annual youth writing anthology, YOUNG VOICES.