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Reel Life vs. Real Life

August 7, 2014 | Monica | Comments (4) Facebook Twitter More...

Nature vs jpgSince my booklist is all about murder mysteries, and due to all the violence that takes place in the world  on a daily basis, I want to know how you guys, the youth of the city, feel about life imitating art. The debate on whether violent video games increase the probability of violence in the player in real life has been raging for years, but how does this extend to books? Television? Movies?

Do you think books and movies have an impact on real life violence? I have always been on the fence about this one. Personally, I really enjoy a good murder mystery, but I am not a violent person. My first response is never to fight, and honestly, I can’t wrap my head around why people do. For me, it doesn’t seem to ever resolve anything, so why waste all that time and energy? Then there is the issue of violence against innocent people. For example, the movie theatre shooting in Colorado, or the numerous shootings that take place at schools, colleges and universities.

On the flip side, do you think this extends to positive behaviours as well? Would watching something positive on the screen, or reading about something positive, evoke feelings of positivity in the person? If you were to see someone do a good deed, or read about it, would you be more inclined to do good as well? Or, does it all come down to individual personality, where some individuals are more likely to behave in a negative manner, while others will be positive, regardless of what is going on around them? Is it nature (behavior is innate) or nurture (behavior is learned)?

What are your feelings on the topic? Do you think behavior is learned, or is it something inside of a person that determines whether they will behave in a certain way, regardless of their surroundings?