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Contest Roundup: AudioSplice

August 7, 2014 | Alice | Comments (0) Facebook Twitter More...

Audiospllice turntable from openclipart dot comHalfway through summer, I thought you might want to get the final word on the AudioSplice winners so far?  Yes?

So while today's contest is brewing due to some technical difficulties and will be up this evening, here we go:

Week 1

The one that got it right:
July said... Green Day: Holiday Boulevard of Broken Dreams, The White Stripes: Seven Army Nation?, P!nk: So What, The Black Keys: Lonely Boy, Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication?

The link is colours!

The ones that amused me:

Aly said... Link: I am guessing it's about some sort of fight and/or challenge that must be faced alone with issues like society and more. Another thought I had was with the music, the guitar riffs! XD

Yasmine said... All five of the songs represent what Summer is like when you're a teenager.

The first song that plays is Holiday, by Green Day. This represents the excitement we feel in the first week or two of Summer break. "School's out! Holiday!". We're all excited and feel like Summer will last forever. But our excitement changes to annoyance and frustration in the face of "Summer Drama" - the "he said, she said" that surfaces in the Summer months when people have more time on their hands, and want to cause problems. This is represented by the second song choice: The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army: a song about the pressures of fame and being gossiped about. But Summer's not all bad, as we see with the third song choice: So What, by Pink. Here, the message is to forget about Summer drama, kick back, and have fun. Because it is Summer Break after all! But some Summer days can be long, and boring, and that's the reason for song choice 4: Lonely Boy by The Black Keys. The fifth song is Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers (rock on!). As teenagers, we face a lot of pressure to have the "perfect Summer". A lot of this pressure comes from Hollywood and the media - and this is exactly what this last song is about. 

Though it did not appear obvious at first, the link between the five songs is that they represent the highs and lows of being a teenager during the Summer time.


Week 2

The one that got it right:

Thanujan said:
1: Monster - Imagine Dragons 2: The Monster - Eminem & Rihanna 3: Monster Mash! 4: Monster - Kanye West ft Nicki Minaj and other artists.. 5: Monster - Skillet They all have MONSTER in the title! All the songs have slightly different portrayals, but overall being a 'monster' means being yourself,and can also mean being boisterous, because you can be out-there and not afraid to hide. And pretty much being a badd beast.B)

Week 3

The one the got it right:

E said: 1. Survivor - Eye of the Tiger 2. Barracuda - Heart 3. K-os - Crabbuckit 4. Ylvis - The Fox 5. Katy Perry - Dark Horse The connection is that all 5 songs have an animal in the title. (Tiger, Barracuda, Crab, Fox, and Horse).
The one that amused me:
Debbie said: 1. Eye of the tiger - survivor 2. Barracuda - heart 3. Crabbbuck - K-os 4. What does the fox say - Ylvis 5. Dark Horse - Katy Perry The connection between all 5 songs are animal. Also, how we are empowered and have strength when we connect with our inner spirit animal . When we connect with out inner animals we can do anything and we have so much strength to overcome any situation.

Week 4

The one the got it right:

Eug<6 said: Lights - February Air Taylor Swift - Back to December Linkin Park - My December Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends Arcade Fire - Month of May All songs have months in them :)
The one that amused me:
Fari said: 1. ________(I know this one but my memory’s being stupidly stubborn… :/) 2. Back to December by Taylor Swift 3. My December by Linkin Park 4. Wake Me Up When September comes by Green Day 5. _________ (I don’t think I know this one… It’s unfamiliar) This is my first time participating in this contest. So, when I saw “There is also a theme that links the songs somehow for you to work out” I’m thinking of like, happiness, loss, sadness or something “deep”, I guess you could say. When I listened to the track, I immediately got ‘Back to December’ (It’s been stuck in my head for the past couple of days, talk about good timing! ;D) and I’m thinking, maybe it’s apology, regret, memories, sadness. Then I get ‘My December’ and I try to link that and ‘Back to December’ together, coming up with regret and memories and sadness and things like that. Then I get ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ and I’m now thinking “It’s probably memories. Ya, it’s memories.” Only then did I notice that all three of them have a month in the title! Wait, what?? So, now I’m sitting here racking my brain trying to think of every song I know with a month in the title for the other two… Wish me luck!
(Fari later came back and got that first song as well - good going, Fari!)

Week 5

The one the got it right:


Facade said:
Pharrell - Marilyn Monroe Mika - Grace Kelly Jay-Z - Tom Ford Weezer - Buddy Holly Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood All have song names' have celebrity names in them.

Keep your eyes open for this week's AudioSplice tonight!