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Aaaahh, this was FANTASTIC!! HYPERBOLE AND A HALF reviewed

August 11, 2014 | Ken Sparling | Comments (7) Facebook Twitter More...

Book cover hyperbole and a half by allie broshHyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh

Reviewed by Fatma, age 16

Here is a list of adjectives describing this book: 
1) Hilarious: I don't know how anyone can read this book and not laugh at least once. I found it to be so entertaining and such a breath of fresh air. (Refer to 2) Sarcastic )
2) Sarcastic: Which made it all the more hilarious for me. 
3) Serious: This book is not all fun and games and laughter. It's also serious at times, delving into some of Brosh's personal turmoil (which I personally related to). For me, that balance between serious and funny took the book from being a compilation of random amusing stories to something much more meaningful and complex. 
4) Authentic/Genuine: Brosh's writing style is the perfect combination of self-deprecating and sincere (as strange as that sounds). Naturally, this book should read as genuine and grounded because it's non-fiction right? However, to me, I appreciated the fact that it was a lot more because I find that, especially in memoirs, it's hard to make your readers relate to your story rather than just feel pity or sympathy. And, in addition to leaving me with a sense of enjoyment, Hyperbole and a Half definitely left me with something to reflect on.

My favorite stories were by far Dinosaur (a goose story), The God of Cake and The Party. If you've read this book, don't hesitate to share your favorites in the comment section down below. If you haven't, then I would definitely recommend you go pick this up from your nearest library branch and give it a go! 

PS: Allie Brosh actually started posting her stories on her blog, before she published this book. So, if you want, you can go check out her stories there too and see what her writing and drawing styles are like. :)