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Tonight at the Movies

July 17, 2014 | Monica | Comments (9) Facebook Twitter More...

Large_5emaTTGS8rnLgZrBS98zqv1XWqEIn addition to reading my lot of murder mysteries this summer, I decided to expand my entertainment in the genre by watching movies that I hadn’t already seen. The most recent was American Psycho with Christian Bale (yes, I know, I’m extremely late on this one). First of all, I have to say that his performance was absolutely amazing, and so different from everything else he has done. He truly is a very versatile actor, although I should admit that I may be a bit on the biased side (… he is my most favourite Batman ever and I absolutely love the Dark Knight Trilogy!!). As amazing as his depiction of the character was, it was a little weird watching him as a psychopath as I am so used to associating him with the Caped Crusader. And to be honest, the characters are complete polar opposites. One fights for justice and doesn’t want to kill even the bad guys, while the other has no regard for human life. I also watched Silence of the Lambs (Sir Anthony Hopkins is such an intense actor), and Rear Window by Hitchcock (lots of TV shows make reference to this, so I thought it was about time I watched it). All were great movies and definitely delivered on the entertainment factor. So, as I look for more titles, I turn to you, and ask for your recommendations and input. As with the previous post, you can give me your top 5 (or top 4, or 3, or 2, or just your top choice).

Here are my top 5 murder mysteries/thrillers that have entertained us on the big screen:

1. Psycho
2. Memento
3. Se7en
4. The Usual Suspects
5. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo