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Ripper by Stefan Petrucha

July 27, 2014 | Naomi | Comments (0) Facebook Twitter More...

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 I loved this book for a number of reasons:

1. It is about Jack the Ripper, the world's first serial killer and the Pinkerton Detective Agency (I love Historical Fiction)

2. It features impossible gadgets & underground subways

3. It had many short chapters so I could fit them into my busy life easily. 

Carver Young is an orphan who is about to be turned out into the street, so when a crochety but famous Pinkerton detective takes him in, Carver is excited at the prospect of becoming a detective himself. But Jack the Ripper has arrived in New York and soon their lives will collide.  This is a fast paced exciting ride through the New York city of the 19th century.  Check out the book trailer for a taste of this page turning mystery.