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Fashion on Film Part 2: The Accessories Edition

July 22, 2014 | Thomas Krzyzanowski | Comments (4) Facebook Twitter More...

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on fashion in film and how well the two media suited each other. Some comments on the post reminded me of the significance that certain costume items or fashion accessories can have in defining either an actor or a character (thanks Jane & Dewmi!). So I've picked five memorable fashion accessories that I think defined the characters that sported them. Have a look!

1. Indiana Jones' Fedora


Indiana Jones' beloved battered fedora is such an integral part of his character that its hard to imagine Harrison Ford's famous character without it. (He's also loathe to leave it behind and would face imminent death to avoid being parted from it).


2. Dorothy's Ruby Slippers

Ruby slippers

In Frank Baum's original books, Dorothy's shoes were silver not ruby red. The 1939 film version of The Wizard of Oz added colour to Dorothy's magical footgear to take advantage of the new Technicolour technique however, and so popular were these shoes that now few could now imagine putting slippers of any other colour on Dorothy's feet. 


3. Morpheus' Sunglasses


Lawrence Fishburne's character Morpheus manages to rock a number of stylish fashion items in the Matrix movie series, but none so distinctive as his armless wraparound sunglasses. A key prop in the film as well as a character-defining accessory, Morpheus' opaque, slightly-buggy shades play a key part in this pivotal scene in fhe first Matrix movie:


4. Marilyn Monroe's Dress


So iconic is this scene from the 1955 film "The Seven Year Itch", that it has become practically synonomous with Monroe herself and a defining image in the history of cinema.


5. Tony's hair in Saturday Night Fever / Danny's Hair in Grease

John Travolta Saturday Night Fever

John Travolta in Grease

One of Hollywood's most famous faces was launched in the late 1970's under a thick layer of Brylcreem. First in Saturday Night Fever and then shortly after in Grease, John Travolta's heavily hairstyled Tony and Danny danced their way across screens and into movie history. While technically two seperate characters, these two movies' similar bad boy bouffant sportin' dudes are still two of Travolta's most celebrated roles.

Can you think of a fashion accessory that defined a character or a particular look that was pivotal in a movie's plot? Share your favourite examples in a comment!