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Fashion Futures with the Textile Museum of Canada

July 29, 2014 | Thomas Krzyzanowski | Comments (1) Facebook Twitter More...


This post was guest written by the superbly fantastic Susan Fohr, one of the fine people who work at the Textile Museum of Canada. Meet Susan at three awesome events at library branches across the city later this summer!

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, the decisions we make about what to wear are never random. We choose what we wear according to the weather, what we’ll be doing, who we’ll be with, what’s available to us, and how we’re feeling. While we will continue to ask these questions as we make decisions about what to wear each day, fashion is always in flux, providing as with new opportunities to express ourselves through our clothing and new styles and technologies.


Have you started thinking about what you’ll be wearing tomorrow? Have you thought about what you might be wearing in 20 years? The Textile Museum of Canada will be leading workshops at Toronto Public Library branches throughout the summer to explore the future of fashion. We’ll be exploring how new technologies like 3D printing and wearable electronics may be used in fashion design. We’ll consider new forms of clothing that respond to climate change and uncertain economic conditions. And we’ll be doing a lot of making!

Printer_smallShow the world how you’re feeling by creating an armband or headband to reflect your mood. Learn how to create a soft circuit using conductive thread and LED lights. Or watch a 3D printer in action while you design your own original, printable 3D jewellery model that is functional both in digital and real space. Or Create a logo to represent your own personal brand by identifying patterns and symbols that define the most distinguishing features of your identity. Print your design, and add it to clothing, or exchange it with friends.

Join us, and you’ll never think of your clothing the same way again!