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Teen Reviews August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011 | dIAN-the-LibrarIAN | Comments (11)

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IBRAHIMA reviewed Clementine - By: Sara Pennypacker

This book is called  clementine  friends of the week ,One day clementine met margaret in the bus and they are talking about the  booklet,clementine ask her friend that can i see your booklet margaret said    yes  until we get home when  get  home clementine went her apartment and said goodbye to her mom and went back to margaret s apartment when they  get to  the apartment   clementine said can i read the booklet she said yes .After reading, she got  another book for herself  but  she don t  know that it was personal  for margaret,but  margaret  saw her she was annoy  and clementine became nervous  and envious and clementine ran out of the apartment  and got to her  apartment  but  clementine was not happy , her mom ask her was the problem ,she said that  margaret  is mad at her ,her mom pet  her  and she went  to her bed and sleep .it was on tuesday  ,it  time for  clementine  to  talk  about    her  biography and  tell  all  her details the family,it  was in the afternoon and  went  to margaret  apartment  but  margaret  was  praticing   for the  competition and  she  hi  to her  friend  and  tell her  that  i am  sorry and  became  friends.The  day  was that    she  the  ideas that  she made  a  tattoo show  and everybody  come  to the show  in the part of they body.One  day  they  was  looking  was kitten ,but  they  could  find  they kitten  and  clementine cried  all  the day  but  they  saw  an  old  man called  Mr.   George at boston   and  ask him and he said  yes that  clementine was so happy  and thank her friends.The  author is Sara Penny  Packer   and  illustrate   by  Marta Frazee . 

Sophy reviewed The Second Summer of the Sisterhood - By: Ann Brashares

This has been the second time I've picked up this book and read it since the first time, which was four years ago. Summer's half over, and I really needed a book that would satisfy my mixed moods. After watching both of the Traveling Pants movies, I remembered the story quite well. I dived into the second book thinking I would still remember the story well; however I was very wrong. There were a lot more characters and events in the book that have I've forgotten about almost completely. I continued reading, a tad bit confused, but everything started making sense once again.

The book is just plain fantastic. It's amazing how real the stories of the four Septembers are, and how easily I found myself relating to them. I also especially loved the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. It's definitely a great read, and an even better re-read! It's perfect if you feel like staying in on a humid summer day.

Bill reviewed Through a Window - By: Jane Goodall

This is Jane Goodall's second book, and perhaps the best book out there about animal behaviourism. It reads just like a novel, and it may possibly be one of the best scientific works ever published. (and the most readable one, too). In this novel we are taken into the chimpanzee community at Gombe, right into their daily activities, routines, and wars. It talks about many different topics, such as fathers and sons, alpha males, sex and love, etc. I learned some important things from this book  one, chimps are actually a lot more intelligent than we think they are. In fact, they are capable of making tools, by stripping leaves off a small branch and sticking it into a termite nest to lure them out to eat. I know, it doesn't sound very interesting, but wait, there's more! The book also chronicles a chimp war between two groups of chimpanzees. I was amazed when I found out an entire community was wiped out by another. Another story that left a strong impression on me was the one about Passion (a high-ranking female) and her daughter savagely attacking and eating baby chimps. They killed so many babies that in a 5 year span only one survived. Aside from the monstrosities, there are also many heart-warming stories. One of my favourites was about a humongous python being mocked by chimps as they danced around him on trees.
In conclusion, it's definitely a good read; especially for those who want to know more about chimps, their behaviours, motivation and culture.


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