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From Book to Big Screen

July 5, 2011 | Ashley | Comments (21)

Happy Summer!!

I  find the Summer months to be a great time to catch up not only on my book lists but also on all of the movies that I have wanted to see. Have you noticed that there are tons of teen books being turned into movies lately? Beastly, I Am Number Four, X Men -First Class, and who can forget the Twilight series? These were all books before they ended up on the big screen.

Personally , I like to read a book before I see it's movie adaptation. That way I can decide for myself what I feel the characters will look like. I remember reading Twilight and trying to picture the characters in my imagination. I must say I think that the casting director got it right on that one because a pale , glittery Robert Pattinson was right on the mark. I also felt that Kristin Stewart possessed the exact sort of awkward uncertainty that the character of Bella Swan had in the book. Yep, I am a TwiHard and I can not wait for the Breaking Dawn movie to come out in November.

Some other movie adaptations of books that are in the works include The Hunger Games, Vampire Academy, Shiver and one of this week's featured Word Out titles, Matched.

Who would you cast in a movie adaptation of your favourite book?


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