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Zombies are infecting the Vampires

August 5, 2010 | Tatted Librarian

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I’m a huge zombie fan.  One of my fellow Word Out bloggers spend many a night watching zombie flicks and talking about other undead literature.  In fact, I love zombies to such a degree that not only do I help organize the annual Toronto Zombie Walk, but I've also adopted the habit of typing in horror-speak to most of my fellow fiends (friends).  Examples:

Fiend - friend
Ghoul Day- Good Day
Meating - Meeting
Sin-searly - Sincerly
and on and on and on. 

Typing in horror relies a lot on puns. Campy?  Absolutely, but I love that stuff. 

I am so excited that the Toronto Public Library and the Toronto Zombie Walk will be doing some workshops from now until the end of October on how to make your own cheap zombies costumes and other horror make up.
This week kicked off the start of these workshops, my fiend in severed arms, Thea Munster - who also started the Toronto Zombie Walk eight years ago, will be showing how to create a great Zombie costume using everyday household items.  This program will be repeated in a couple of different locations.

In honour of these deadly programs, here are some of my favourite zombie titles, this list is by no means exhaustive.
  1. The stupidest angel : A heartwarming Christmas tale of Terror by Christopher Moore
  2. Zombie Raccoons and Killer Bunnies (a collection of short stories)
  3. I kissed a zombie and I liked it by Adam Selzter
  4. The zombie handbook : how to identify the living dead and survive the coming zombie apocalypse by Rob Sacchetto
  5. Marvel Zombies Series (Graphic Novels)

When Tatted Librarian (aka Adele) is not yelling "Slayer" at random intervals, she spends most of her free time on facebook writing out horror status updates.  Her one eyed cat, Slayer, is never impressed with this behaviour.