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What We Read Last Week, Part 8: The Final Week

August 23, 2010 | Alan H.

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It's the final week of Word Out (already?) and I was fortunate enough to read some great books last week to prepare for my final "What We Read" post this summer.

First off, and my favourite of all the YA I've read this summer: The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness.  Great YA science fiction, set in an offworld colony where a plague has killed all the women and made all the men into uncontrolled broadcast telepaths (they continuously spam everyone around them with their thoughts).  Of course, it turns out things aren't exactly as they seem, and the viewpoint character is forced to flee with his dog... highly recommended.  Looking forward to reading the sequel, The Ask and the Answer, this week.

Also last week: Ooku: the Inner Chambers, a manga set in an alternate-history feudal Japan where a plague has reduced the male population to 25% of normal levels, and women have taken on key roles in society.  Writing this I realize that a lot of my reading last week revolved around gender-selective plagues--nothing intentional, believe me!  Anyway, the premise is really just a framework for lots of personal and political intrigue among the men of the "inner chambers", the private harem of the (female) Shogun.  A really good series with well-drawn characters and great high drama.

What did everyone else read last week?  I know many of you are going back to school soon, but I hope you haven't all stopped reading for pleasure. :)

Alan H. is a web librarian at Toronto Public Library.  He's going to miss making these posts every week.