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Random Book Prize Opportunity : Judging Books by Their Covers

August 16, 2010 | Alan H.

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4:00 pm, Monday August 23 - This contest is now closed.  Winners will be contacted shortly!

We're always told not to judge books by their covers.  But I think we do this all the time anyway.  Here's your chance to do so and win prizes!

We've got copies of all three of the books whose covers are below.  For a chance to win one of them, just tell us which book you'd most like to read based on the cover.

Three of you will win a copy of one of the books (not necessarily the one you write about... it's important not to judge books by their covers, after all, and you might end up enjoying something you didn't expect!)

Call Me Mimi
Francis Chalifour
The Gryphon Project
Carrie Mac
Hell's Hotel
Lesley Choyce

This contest will close on Monday, August 23 (a week from today).

Alan H. is a web librarian at Toronto Public Library.  He doesn't judge books by their covers, unless they're very shiny or have that fancy raised lettering.