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Goodbye Until 2011!

August 30, 2010 | Alan H.

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We've reached the "official" end of Word Out 2010.  We'll be closing commenting on all other posts shortly, but will leave the comments on this one enabled for a little while longer for anyone with a final farewell, book recommendation or otherwise.

First, much thanks to:

  • Participating authors who gave their time and thoughts to the program
  • All the TPL staff who blogged and supported the program in their branches
  • Most especially, our teen commenters throughout the summer!  You're the ones who really made this happen.

Secondly, remaining prizes (including the grand prizes) will be drawn shortly and winners contacted.  I'll make a post to announce when this is done.

Third, here are the credits (indeed a stupid web trick); I recommend listening to your favourite piece of fast music that's about 1:30 long--I like The Comedian's Gallop for this purpose.

See you all in 2011!