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What We Read Last Week

July 19, 2010 | Alan H.

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My main read last week was Canadian writer Emily Schultz's incredible Joyland, set in small-town Ontario in 1984 and framed by the first generation of video games.  I'm slightly too young to have been a part of that scene (I'm a child of the original 8-bit Nintendo & the Sega Master System), but so much of this novel's depiction of adolescent video game fixation rang true for my own experiences.  An amazing, dark, powerful novel.  Highly recommended!

I've also been rereading volumes 1-5 of Scott Pilgrim in anticipation of the sixth and final volume's launch this week.  Yay!  Here is my sweet Scott Pilgrim avatar I made after Tatted Librarian's post about the avatar creator:


What did everyone else read last week? 

Alan H. is a web librarian at Toronto Public Library.  He actually does have a pair of shoes like that, but they're a little too small and he doesn't wear them much.