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What Did We Read Last Week? (2.0)

July 13, 2010 | Alan H.

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I will now interview myself to explain why this wasn't posted on Monday!

AH: Why wasn't this posted on Monday?

AH: For the last week and a bit I've been on vacation in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

AH: Did you have a good time?

AH: Yes!  I went to my cousin's wedding and received roughly 10,000 mosquito bites.

AH: Read anything good while you were there?

AH: Why yes--here it is in convenient point form!

  • Read a couple of collected volumes of "The Incredible Hercules".  We don't have this Marvel series in our collection unfortunately, but it's a fun mix of superheroics and ancient mythology, starring the Marvel version of Hercules (the one in the Avengers) and his teenage sidekick Amadeus Cho (the 7th-smarted person in the world).
  • Spent some time on the plane reading The Terror by Dan Simmons, a historical novel with horror elements based on the lost Franklin expedition.  A very unusual novel--kind of historical fictions meets Alien.
  • I also did a bunch of work-related reading around exciting topics like business analysis techniques and software project management!  I know teens are crazy for that sort of thing.

What did the rest of you read last week?  Good, bad, let us know!

Alan H. is a web librarian with Toronto Public Library.  He currently has roughly 10,000 mosquito bites.