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The Science of a Band Name- Struts and Frets

July 6, 2010 | Tatted Librarian

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Struts and Frets is about a guy named Sam who is in the band, "Tragedy of Wisdom, Sam wanted to name his band "Tragedy of Reason," because it stressed how sad it was to be the only thoughtful person in a crowd;  whereas Joe, the front man, wanted the name, "Tragedy of Wisdom," because it sounded cooler. 

*heavy sigh*.  Spending a good portion of my youth in the local music scene, I came to understand the importance of a band name.

A band name sets the tone of the band, and gives a glimpse of into the mission of the band.  If the band is political, socially aware, or just out there for the glory of being in a band, the a good name may project out these intentions.  More importantly, a bad name sets back band and many out in the audience will not take them seriously.  

Case in point:  A few friends of mine back in the the day formed a hardcore/street punk band and decided to call themselves "Tastes Like Chicken."  They ran into problems when they decided to refer to themselves as "TLC."  You can probably imagine the barrage of jokes we laid on them after this move. They changed their name eventually, but the band never lived down the TLC days.  

For any one out there looking for a great band name, I would suggest looking up Jello Bifara's spoken word bit on cool band names.  For those who don't know, Jello Biafra is the lead singer of the influential punk band, the Dead Kennedys. 

Some great band names that come to my mind are:

Propagandhi:  <3 <3
No Use for a Name

Strike Anywhere
The Dandy Warhols
Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival
Bikini Kill
Sour Keys
Neutral Milk Hotel

What are some of your favourite band names?