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Piecing the experience together-Part 2

July 12, 2010 | Elsa

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As promised, here is the continuation of my chat with Teresa:

3. Do teen immigrants have the hardest times adjusting to their surroundings?

I honestly feel that immigrating anywhere at any time forces you into a temporary adolescence. 
Think about it, your world is completely upended and nothing is sure or permanent or even familiar. 
You’re insecure and defensive, terrified and excited –all these polar opposite emotions that are the hallmark of adolescence.  Plus, you’re trying to figure out the lay of the land and all the new rules, written and more importantly unwritten.  I think that every single one of us, if we were honest, has gone through a phase of feeling like we don’t belong, don’t fit in.  The immigrant just wears that feeing more visibly like young adults do.  That’s why I think that there is a powerful connection between those two worlds.

4. What were your expectations for Piece by Piece?

I had massive expectations for the anthology and confess that I still do.  First, I wanted the terrific drama of the individual stories be recognized for the gripping entertainment that they are.  The writers represented have amazing adventures to tell.  There is an old cliché that: “Nobody’s got stories like immigrants got stories!”  And second, maybe even more importantly--for those of us who felt that we didn’t fit in at any given moment, immigrant or standard issue wonderful Canadian teen—I want those readers to feel just a little less alone after reading Piece by Piece.

I hope that you will check out Teresa's book soon!