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Can a Canadian graphic novel series become a summer blockbuster?

July 5, 2010 | Cameron

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I was introduced to the Scott Pilgrim series by a colleague in the first year that I worked at the library. She dragged me to a signing at some bar near Christie Pits. I had never heard of Bryan Lee O’Malley, let alone ever heard of the name Scott Pilgrim. I went to be her moral support and to keep her somewhat entertained as we waited in the longer than I had expected line. She showed me her copy of the first two novels and how they both contained scenes at a Toronto Public Library. I had to admit I was somewhat impressed that this author had included scenes at two different libraries. There must be something to him I mused.

I went to work the next day and I found out that Scott Pilgrim was much more popular than I thought, I was going to be waiting a good long time until I got my copy of the first book “Scott Pilgrim: Precious Little Life”, but my branch did have a copy of one of his other works entitled “Lost at Sea”.

I don’t know how to describe this graphic novel to you, so I won’t - but I will say I was mesmerized by it. His story telling, the imagery, the plot, all of it was so well done and I was immediately hooked! And of course I was now annoyed that I had to wait for my hold to come in.

Finally after waiting almost a month I got to read the first book (I was wise and placed the others available on hold so that I would not have to wait as long for them after I finally got to read the first book). I thoroughly enjoyed how the novels combined young adult romance with some ninja styling and the ongoing theme of unrequited love and the difficulty that one can have when dating someone who has dated more than they have.

Now five years later there is to be a movie. I have seen the trailer; I am very excited for this movie. In part it is because I am hoping to get some of that original excitement and feelings from when I was first introduced to Scott and his gang of friends. The weird things is that so many times a book being made into a film ends up just being awful, or they leave out important things, or they change important things for the sake of the plot or to make the film transition more smoothly. I hate that! Books to me are so very important that when a book I love is being made into a movie I usually grit my teeth and wait for them to ruin it. More often then not they usually do ruin it. However for Scott I have some high hopes. I like the films that the director has previously done (“Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz”). And also the cast seems pretty solid and I know for a fact that they shot the movie in Toronto and also within one of the branches of Toronto Public Library.

But will the movie live up to my expectations? That is the big question. I am fairly certain that the film company is expecting it to be a big hit and that is why they are releasing it in August, to come out right after the final novel in the series. I want the film to capture the spirit of the graphic novels, but at the same time be its own entity as a movie. I just wonder if it will be able to do it. I am hoping, and holding in there that I won’t be disappointed.

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