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An autobiography as episodes ...

July 26, 2010 | ED

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One cannot talk about Episodes: My Life As I See It, without first mentioning something about the format of the book. The format of the book is unique and adds to the appeal of the book. Blaze presents his autobiography as a series of television episodes. Each series has a release date and cast list. The series are further divided into episodes which have summaries, quotes, trivia and soundtracks. For those familiar with the Internet Movie Database, the book reads like an entry right out of the database.

In Episodes: My Life As I See It, Blaze provides an autobiography of his life as a high-functioning autistic teenager. He recounts various episodes in his life starting in freshman year of high school going into the early college years. Some of the episodes are ongoing, such as Thanksgiving Dinner, other are syndications and some have come to an end, such as his crush on Hillary Duff. Reading the book it is easy to relate to Blaze; after all he share many of the same concerns that any other person does, such as friendships, crushes on celebrities, going to classes and trying to find a girlfriend.


As I read the book, I could not help wonder when a T.V. network would pick up the book and turn it into a television series. After all, Blaze has done most of the work in creating the episodes… 

So if you could turn your high school years into a television series what would you call the five most interesting episodes?

Another book closely related to this is Raising Blaze by Debra Ginsberg. Raising Blaze is Blaze’s mom’s memoir about her son.