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June 2010

Amiri & Odette: a love story

June 30, 2010 | Naomi

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I just sucked up "Amiri & Odette: a love story" by Walter Dean Myers, paintings by Javaka Steptoe.  A modern take on Swan Lake, this graphic novel is a ballet, fairy tale, and novel in verse all wrapped up together. 

I am also reading Myer's new book "Lockdown" about a boy in a juvenile delinquent facility trying his hardest to get out on good behaviour but facing many challenges along the way. 

"Monster", one of his older books is a favourite of mine.  Steven is waiting in jail for sentencing and he is grappling with the crime he is accused of.  Did he do it?  Is he a monster? Check it out!  You won't be able to put it down!

What have you read by Walter Dean Myers?

Favourite Canadian books

June 30, 2010 | Alan H.

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Canadaflag Tomorrow is Canada Day, so let's talk about Canadian books!  They don't have to be young adult (I'm assuming since most of the people talking about them will be teens or youth services librarians that they'll end up being of teen interest even if they're not technically "young adult").

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The last really good book you read?

June 22, 2010 | Alan H.

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Mine was Cory Doctorow's For the Win, a transnational novel about young people attempting to unionize gold farmers in massive multiplayer online games (MMOGs).  It's science fiction, but only just, and inhabits some of the same territory as his 2004 short story Anda's Game (available to read for free online) and his earlier YA novel Little Brother.

I highly recommend to sci-fi readers, budding trade unionists, online gamers, or pretty much anyone.

What's the last really good book you read?

Toronto Elections Poster Contest for Youth

June 18, 2010 | Alan H.

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It's not directly connected to Word Out but you may be interested in the "Bring It By Ballot" poster contest Toronto Elections is holding for youth aged 14-24.  There's a chance to win prizes and use your design skills for a good cause--encouraging young people to vote.

More details here

Welcome to Word Out 2010 on the Web!

June 18, 2010 | Alan H.

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We're live!  Here's the fast rundown:

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