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November 2011

Penguin Group halting new eBook additions for Library lending

November 24, 2011 | Niall | Comments (0)

Update (August 21, 2014): Penguin Canada titles are available through the library's eBook collection.

It was just announced that Penguin publishers will be halting distribution of newly-released titles to the Overdrive service, citing security concerns.  


Access to all older Penguin ebooks has been restored, however. The 'Get For Kindle' option was also recently removed, but this does not affect Canadian libraries since Kindle versions are not provided through Overdrive currently. 

Penguin pulishers halts distribution of their new titles in ebook format and pulls newest books from library e-book lending programs 


Users who are seeking new Penguin ebooks may not find the materials they are looking for until this issue is resolved. We will make further notifications as news arrives.



How to use the Kobo Vox to download TPL eBooks

November 17, 2011 | Niall | Comments (2)

The Kobo Vox is one of the latest offerings of the many available eReader/Tablet devices.  To access and read library materials through the Vox you must use the OverDrive app since, as an Android tablet, it does not currently support Adobe Digital Editions.

Kobo Vox Android Tablet

Installing OverDrive Media Console on the Kobo Vox:

  • Make sure your VOX is connected to a Wi Fi network
  • Tap the Home icon
  • Tap All Apps
  • Tap Browser
  • Navigate to OverDrive Media Console for Android™ Version 2.3   (
  • Agree to the terms at the bottom of the page - the download will start
  • After the download is complete open the notifications bar by dragging down from the top, or tap the Menu icon and tap Notifications
  • Tap on the Overdrive download (ODMediaConsoleSetup.apk) in order to install
  • Tap Install
  • Tap Open once the installation is complete
  • Tap Close in the About OverDrive Media Console window
  • OverDrive is installed in the All Apps section

Once you have the application installed you will have to register your OverDrive Media Console for Android. See Instructions for Registering your Device.

For more information on using OverDrive Media Console, please see the OverDrive Support Pages.

Date and Time Settings

Another important aspect of using this device is that users should ensure that they have set the proper time zone.   When it is not set correctly, you may have problems opening ebooks since your device may report that new items have already expired.

To change the date and time:

  • Tap the Home button
  • Tap the All Apps
  • Tap Settings
  • Scroll down and tap Date & time
  • Tap Set date
  • Enter the current month, date, and year
  • Tap Set to save your settings.
  • Tap Select time zone
  • Select the time zone youʼre currently in (GMT-5:00 EST)
  • Tap Set time

Managing your eBook holds

November 17, 2011 | Niall | Comments (4)

Is your eBook or eAudiobook not available? Place it on hold.

Sometimes it is case that you find no available titles of the digital materials you seek. Due to publisher’s restrictions, the library may lend out only a limited number of copies of digital materials, just as if they were print materials.

However, like printed materials, you may place items ‘on hold’ so that you may check them out once they become available.

How do I place items on hold?

When viewing a particular item in Overdrive you will see how many available copies exist.  When 0 copies are available you’ll also see how many patrons are currently on the waiting list.

  Placing Holds on eBooks in Overdrive

Use the ‘Place a Hold’ button to add your name to the waiting list.  You’ll be prompted to log in with your library card number and pin if you haven’t already. You’ll also be asked to confirm your email address.

What happens when I place an item on hold?

A title you place on hold will be reserved for you to check out once it becomes available. You can place up to 10 titles on hold at a time. When the title is available for you, we will email you instructions on checking the item out.

The item will be held for you for 4 days after we email you.

How can I view my holds?

Log in to the Overdrive home page
Click the Account tab – if you aren’t logged in already, you’ll be prompted to log in with your library card number and pin.  
Click the 'My Holds' link. 

Reviewing your holds in Overdrive

The titles that you have currently placed on hold are displayed.

How can I check out my holds?

If you have received a notification that your holds that are available they will have an 'Add to Cart' option at the very right of them, while unavailable holds will have the 'Remove | Edit' options. Select 'Add to cart'

You will be directed to your cart, and your hold will no longer be in the Holds section but will be transferred to your cart.   Items in your cart have a 30 minute time limit to check out.

   Checking Out/Downloading eBooks

 Click 'Proceed to checkout', then select a loan option from the pull-down menu: 7, 14, or 21 days.  When you have selected your loan period, click  'Confirm Check Out'.
Checking Out/Downloading Process for eBookss Overdrive

A download link appears allowing you to download it to your computer. There is no need to immediately download it.  The item is kept in your Bookshelf under the 'Account' section, and will be available for download during the lending period.

How can I cancel my holds?

When you are viewing your Holds in the Account section, items still unavailable will have a ‘Remove| Edit’ link next to them.  Select ‘Remove’ to cancel the hold on the item.

  Cancelling Holds on eBooks Overdrive


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