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Returning eBooks and eAudiobooks

October 19, 2011 | Niall | Comments (7)

Book return

You’ve finally finished reading your latest eBook from TPL and want to make it available for other library users.  Or, you’ve reached your checkout limit and want to free up space for additional checkouts.

Many people are wondering, is it possible to return eBooks early? The answer is, absolutely!

If you are using Adobe Digital Editions on a Windows or Mac-based desktop computer, the icon for a title in your bookshelf view will have a small triangle (Item Options) at the top left of it, which when clicked will show a pull-down menu, including "Return Borrowed Item". Select this to return the item and have it removed from your bookshelf.

Click here for more detailed instruction on returning EPUB eBooks.  

Click here for more detailed instruction on returning PDF eBooks.

If you are using Sony Reader Library on a desktop computer, you can right-click the icon for the title and you will see the same "Return borrowed item" option in the menu.

If you are using the OverDrive Media Console app for iOS/Android/Windows Mobile/Blackberry, when you go to delete a title from your bookshelf, a menu will pop up that includes the option "Return & Delete" allowing you to return items early.  Click here for further instruction. 

Returning eAudiobooks

Due to publisher licensing agreements OverDrive eAudiobooks such as WMA or MP3 files cannot be returned early. They will be automatically returned to the library at the end of the lending period.

A note on lending periods

The lending period for eBooks is usually 21 days, but you can adjust this to 7 or 14 day periods when checking out materials in Overdrive.  Additionally, you can set personalized default lending period(s) on a format-by-format basis at the 'Lending Periods' page in your Overdrive Account. The mobile version of this site uses the default lending period you specify at the 'Lending Periods' page.



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