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Catalogue beta testing so far

December 1, 2008 | Sandra | Comments (1)

Many thanks to everyone who has volunteered to help us out with beta testing the new version of the library catalogue.

We're happy to hear that the key improvements introduced in this version, particularly the changes to layout and functionality in customer accounts, are working better for you.

Account Summary

Overwhelmingly, the feedback has been positive, but a few of you have asked why we haven’t done more—specifically, making the search engine better, improving the performance of the catalogue, and delivering more robust capabilities.

The current version of the catalogue is part of a larger system for managing a range of complex library operations. While the overall system works effectively, the catalogue itself has limitations as a customer-facing website. The beta catalogue represents our efforts to address some gaps in features that you have identified. We are limited in our ability to make changes due to way the technology works, particularly in terms of search results ranking.

As a next step in improving the online experience, we are working on implementing the commercial search engine Endeca. This will be available in 2009.

Watch this blog for further updates on our progress.

Again, thank you for all your helpful feedback.


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