MYTORONTO Calendar 2019: 111 93 2600 40 13 1

December 4, 2018 | Bill V.

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You would be pardoned for thinking the numbers in the blog title were related to the Kabbalah. But ... in fact they're part of the promotion for the 2019 MYTORONTO calendar that Ve'ahavta has brought together with members of the local community. You can support the photographers by buying calendars or cards online (or in person) and you can read more about the project here.  

111 Cameras

93 Participants

2,600 Prints

40 Exhibit Photos 

13 Calendar Photos (each month plus the cover)

1 City

MYTORONTO 2019 Calendar

MYTORONTO was a photography contest and skills-based training program for people affected by homelessness and poverty.  Participants gained experience in taking pictures, connected with a community of peers, received recognition and had the opportunity to earn income. There was an exhibit of 40 photos taken by the participants and among these, the top 13 photos are featured in the MYTORONTO calendar and greeting cards. 


During December the Toronto Reference Library is having an exhibit of the calendar photos and artist statements in the Browsery area on the 1st floor in the windows facing Yonge Street (it's visible from the street or from inside the Library).  The Library is happy to be able to host this exhibit, to help connect folks in the community, and to help amplify their voices using our resources. 

MYTORONTO Calendar 2019 installation at the Toronto Reference Library by Digitization and Preservation staff.

Here's staff from the TPL Preservation and Digitization Department installing the work. 

MYTORONTO 2019 Calendar exhibit at the Browsery area of the Toronto Reference Library

Here is the final installation of the MYTORONTO calendar photography at the Toronto Reference Library.

Did you know that the Reference Library has a small circulating collection on the 1st floor that you can borrow?  It has a solid browsing collection of fiction and non fiction and a wide selection of feature DVDs that you can borrow.  You may not know though that the 5th floor has 10,000 documentary style DVDs that you can also borrow. There are also 30,000 music scores on the 5th floor that you can take home with you (not all at once though). 

If you're here at the Toronto Reference Library, you may also want to visit the new show Alice Opens the Door in the TD Gallery.