Ancient Worlds and their Stories: Wielders of Wonders

March 9, 2017 | Nicole

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Hieroglyphics [‘Ancient Worlds and their Stories: Wielders of Wonders’.] created by TPL librarian Steven Shubert

Toronto Public Library’s Osborne Collection of Early Children’s Books presents a new exhibit Ancient Worlds and their Stories: Wielders of Wonders at the Lillian H. Smith branch. The exhibit showcases how ancient civilizations and their wonders have been represented in children’s literature. It is curated by Liz Derbecker.

Children of the Northlights, by Ingri D'Aulaire  

Children of the Northlights, Ingri D’Aulaire, New York: Viking, 1935.  

Inanna, by Kim Echlin

Inanna: from the Myths of Ancient Sumer, Kim Eclin, Toronto : Groundwood Books / Douglas & McIntyre, 2003.

Long before Columbus set sail in 1492 an entire world existed! A world that was full of artisans, poets, musicians, and much more. The globe was humming with activity – people were building communities, exploring their worlds, and telling their stories.

Seven mysterious wonders of the world, by Celia King, open to a pop-up page

Seven Mysterious Wonders of the World, Celia King, Vancouver : Raincoast Books, c1993.  

Different ancient civilizations throughout time and over oceans are represented in the exhibit, reaching from Rome to India, Africa to North America, the Nordics to the Middle East – there is something to pique almost everyone’s fascination.


Pʹéskʹa and the first salmon ceremony, by Scot Richie

Pʹéskʹa and the First Salmon Ceremony, Scot Ritchie, Toronto: Groundwood Books/House of Anansi Press, [2015]

Sita's Ramayana, by Samhita Arni

Sita's Ramayana, Samhita Arni, Toronto : Groundwood Books, 2011

Grettir the outlaw, by Sabine Baring-Gould

Grettir the Outlaw: a Story of Iceland,  S. Baring-Gould, Dublin : Blackie & Son, 1890.


The story of Isis and Osiris an Egyptian wonder-tale, by Lily Schofield

The Story of Isis and Osiris : an Egyptian Wonder-Tale,  Lily Schofield,  London : J.M. Dent & Co., 1907.

We invite you to visit the exhibit which will be on display from March 11 to June 24. In case you need one more incentive, maybe you have a desire to see the Rosetta Stone, but can’t make it to the British Museum anytime soon? Check out our replica created for this exhibit by Wendy McPhee.

Rosetta Stone replica

Created by Wendy McPhee