Travel Magazines in Humanities and Social Sciences

January 6, 2016 | Richard

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Are you planning a trip, or just dreaming of one?

The Humanities and Social Sciences Department, on the 2nd Floor of the Toronto Reference Library, maintains a variety of current and historical travel magazines that you might find of interest.

Many of these magazine's initial issues of 2016 are devoted to the best places to travel in the new year.

Here is a list of 21 current titles:

1. Afar

AfarFeatures experiential travel, including stories of culture, geopolitics, active and eco-travel, and personal transformation.













2. Bold

Every issue and every story delivers innovative design, controversial figures, emerging talent, thought-provoking ideas, and breathtaking

3. Canadian Geographic [The Travel Supplements]

Canadian GeographicCover aspects of Canada and the rest of the world, including people, places, resources, wildlife, heritage and science.















4. Canadian Traveller

5. Condé Nast Traveler

Conde Nast TravelerGuides to discover the best islands, cities, spas, castles and cruises.













6. Dreamscapes

7. Enroute

8. Explore - Focuses on backpacking, bicycling, canoeing and skiing featuring Canadian destinations.

9. Food and Travel - Designed to help the world traveler find the perfect escape and the best restaurants.

10. Foodism Toronto - Toronto's largest (and free!) food & drink magazine.

11. Horizon Travel Magazine

12. Lonely Planet Traveler

Lonely PlanetDesigned for people with a passion for travel and new experiences.














13. Monocle [travel supplement: The Escapist]

14. National Geographic Traveler

National Geographic TravelerAims to be the source for the active, curious traveler. Every article is designed to inspire readers to pick up and go and to provide them with the tools and orientation to do so.













 15. On the UP: urbanism, travel, culture

16. Outpost

17. Saltscapes [annual Food and Travel supplement]

18. Travel & Leisure

Travel and Leisure














19. Travel - Sunday Times Travel Magazine

20. Voilà Québec

21. Where Calgary

22. Where Canadian Rockies

23. Where Toronto

Where Toronto

















 24. Where Vancouver

Current issues of these titles are filed [for self-service] in alphabetical order on compact shelving in front of the elevators. Many of these magazines are also available electronically and in full-text through Zinio.

Bon Voyage!