Navigating the Toronto Reference Library with Wayfinder

November 20, 2015 | Richard

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You step into the Atrium of the Toronto Reference Library, you look up marveling at all the space, the levels, the 10 story plus sky-lit ceiling, and then you ask yourself: "how am I suppose to find anything in here?"

Locating staff and then telling them that you need assistance is ideal, but consulting wayfinder is also a good, quick and easy place to start.

Located around the corner to the left of the first floor elevators on two iPads, the wayfinder is a searchable map and directory of the Toronto Reference Library.

Wayfinder Sign

The wayfinder can direct you to specific locations, collections of material, and Dewey decimal ranges for browsing through the library's open-shelf collection.  Here are some examples - the blue and white spiral will animate to show you each location:

  • Genealogy collection (2nd Fl)


  • The Religion collection (2nd Fl)



  • Washrooms for each floor (1st to 5th Fl)


  • Newspapers (English & Other Languages) (Basement Fl)


  • Picture Collection (5th Fl)

Picture Collection

Other Examples:

  • Colour printer and photocopier (1st & 5th Fl)
  • The ESL collection (4th Fl)
  • Asquith Press (1st Fl)
  • Oceanography (3rd Fl)
  • Computer RLPCP655 (2nd Fl)
  • Baldwin Room Collection (5th Fl)
  • Careers (3rd Fl)
  • Music scores (5th Fl)
  • Journalism (4th Fl)
  • Writers' Room (3rd Fl)
  • Water fountains (All)
  • And on, and on, and on . . .

The Wayfinder will get you to your start point, but it will also be useful for finding out about the library in toto.

And still can't find what you are looking for? . . . Ask Our Staff.

Next time you are waiting for an elevator, give wayfinder a try: you will be amazed by what is on offer!