Nunavut Marks Its 15th Anniversary

March 20, 2014 | Katherine

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Map of Nunavut
April 1, 2014 is the 15th anniversary of the proclamation of the Territory of Nunavut, which means “Our Land” in Inuktituk. It came into being after decades of hard political work, negotiation of Inuit land claims, plebiscites, and recommendations to form a government responsive to the Inuit majority in the eastern Arctic. 

The working languages of the government are Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun and English, and French is also an official language. Nunavut (along with the North West Territories) has a consensus style of government rather than the more common one of party politics, and all members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) are elected as independents.

Nunavut, located in far northern Canada, with a polar climate and a small population scattered over a huge land mass, is remote and easily ignored by the denizens of southern Canada. Yet this is a cutting edge place, where new forms of government, new ways to maintain and revitalize language and culture, and innovations to combat the challenges of climate, distance and poverty are capturing the attention of scholars worldwide.

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