Binders full of Schematics, Investment Letters and the Ontario Building Code complain "where's the love?"

October 19, 2012 | Bill V.

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Recently I did a blog post about "Binders full of women" in the Arts Department of the Toronto Reference Library.  It has received some positive press and also pickup on Twitter and Facebook.  

While appreciating the etchings, engravings and decades binders there have been some hurt feelings among other binders at TRL especially the Business, Science & Technology Department.  To avoid the appearance of favoritism I would like to now show some other binders full of useful information at the Reference Library.


Business, Science & Technology, on the 3rd floor TRL, carries binders full of schematics and service manuals. They're useful if you're looking to repair your radio, television, hi fi and other electrical machinery - great for hobbyists, collectors and people working in the industry.  There is also an online version available at home or at any Toronto Public Library branch with a valid library card.



Business, Science & Techonology also has many binders of useful investment newsletters including Money Reporter, Investment Reporter, Canadian Mutual Fund Advisor and Successful Investor.


And they have both print and online versions of Value Line. The online version is newly availalbe throughout TPL and from home with a valid Toronto Public Library card.



Lastly Business, Science & Technology also has binders with the Ontario Building Code which is useful for permits, renovations, and professional exams.