The Humanities and Social Sciences Department, or... what's on the 2nd floor anyway?

July 26, 2012 | Katherine

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More than renovations are happening at the Toronto Reference Library--books, magazines and whole departments are moving and changing.  In May 2012, the new Humanities and Social Sciences Department (or HSS, or Aitch Es Es) was formed on the second floor.

So what will you find there?

Religion, Myth, Philosophy  PHILOSPH Mytho Religion    




Psychology, Sociology, Self Help Selfhelp SOCIETY Psychology   




Economics, Politics, Warfare War Politics Economics




Law, Education, Parenting     PARNTIN2 EDUCATIO Law1




True Crime, Poverty, Social Problems DRUGAB POVERTY CRIME



Urban Studies, City Planning, Toronto      CN-Tower-Day3 Planning Urban Collection




History, Geography, Travel Travel  Geography History




Sports, Games, Recreation Recreation1 BRDGAMES HOCKEY




Customs, Folklore, Paranormal Paranormal Foklore Customs




Coming in late summer 2012

Genealogy, Local History, Maps Maps Local history Genealogy




(Some images courtesy; Tourism Toronto)