RH Thomson and Julian Richings bring aspiring writers' words to life

December 1, 2011 | Dawn

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For those of you who weren't able to make it to the Toronto Reference Library last night, you missed a great evening.

Playwright David Young concluded his term as the Writer-in-Residence with a special treat for his writing workshop participants and the audience. Actors RH Thomson and Julian Richings, along with workshop participant Greta Papageorgiu, performed new pieces written especially for the night.

A quick run through
A quick readthrough before things get started

Workshop participants were tasked with exploring the Toronto Reference Library before creating original monologues designed to capture who one might see in the library and how the space is used.

RH Thomson1  RH Thomson2
RH Thomson makes use of the space and a handy prop

The result was a multi-faceted portrait of visitors to the country's largest public library. Through the writers' imaginations and the actors' voices we heard from a procrastinating teenager with a project on Norman Bethune and her book-hoarding nemesis, a proud father whose son's research on the 48th Highlanders formed the basis of a eulogy for a beloved uncle, a microfilm-admiring historian, and a pharmaceutical student struggling with a new country, long commutes and a home-sick wife.

Julian Richings1
Julian Richings performs as David Young looks on

Then there was the angry homeless man railing against City Hall but safe amongst the ghosts of long-dead writers in rows upon rows of books, a statistic-loving baseball fan, and a student who can't decide if 19 books on Trudeau is too much or too little. And we can't forget the biography fan, working his way through the B's.

Greta Papageorgiu1
  Margaret Henry, Greta Papageorgiu & David Young

Toronto Reference Library is grateful to have had this opportunity to host David Young, RH Thomson and Julian Richings, and this enthusiastic group of writers this Fall. Thank-you all.

Audience and Julian
We missed you last night...


In coming days, we'll be publishing samples of the monologues on David's Writer-in-Residence Blog.     We hope you will enjoy reading them.