A Thank-you to David Young, Playwright-in-Residence

December 3, 2011 | Dawn

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David YoungEarlier this week, David Young's residency concluded with a rare theatrical treat. Acclaimed actors RH Thomson and Julian Richings, along with workshop participant Greta Papageorgiu, stopped by to perform original works by his 26 workshop students.

The writers were tasked with spending time here at the Toronto Reference Library, observing its clientele, looking at its collections, seeing how the space is used, and then creating a work of imagination: a monologue.

Not only did the David's students get to stretch their creative muscles but they had the opportunity to hear their words spoken by seasoned performers in the space that inspired them. Our thanks to David, the actors and the writers making this Fall's Writer-in-Residence program such an overwhelming success.

Select monologues are published here on David's TPL Blog. More to come...

And here are a few short clips from that evening.
We hope you enjoy them.


from a monologue by Risa Klarman


from a monologue by Howard Biel



from a monologue by Rosamund Small



from a monologue by Johnnie Walker

from a monologue by Dominic Mann-Bertrand


These excerpts have been posted with the permission of the David Young, Playwright-in Residence, Toronto Reference Library, 2011