The Biodiversity Series Continues: Reptiles & Amphibians

June 2, 2011 | Cynthia

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Julie  of Adopt-a-Pond Live Green Toronto Speakers Series continues this month with Julia Phillips, the Toronto Zoo's Adopt-a-Pond co-ordinator, will introduce  Reptiles and Amphibians : A Guide to Their Remarkable World, the next book in the biodiversity series.

The Adopt-A-Pond  Wetland Conservation Programme brings together experts and citizens to preserve our wetlands. Julia has a passion for connecting people to wetland wildlife through many diverse and exciting stewardship experiences. She engages local communities in projects that help restore and protect important habitats for amphibians and reptiles and promote wildlife conservation. 215825-55790

Let Julia's passion excite you! Explore a new frontier. Be amazed by a world you may never have known existed in our Toronto.

Come to the Toronto Reference Library for a Thought Exchange program on Thursday, June 16th at 1pm for the second in a series of biodiversity talks presented by the City of Toronto.  

And stop by the Urban Affairs Library's Biodiversity display on the 3rd floor, Toronto Reference Library. Take a look at some of our books on wetland and wildlife conservation.