It's Not All About Toronto

May 5, 2011 | Cynthia

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At the Urban Affairs Library, we look at the larger cities of the world and focus on Toronto, its communities, and neighbourhoods. We have some wonderful local history books on the development and growth of communities in and around Toronto.

These books are priceless. They contribute so much by bringing the places of years gone by alive for us. They give us a wonderful sense of who and what we were. And that gives us a sense of who and what we are now and who and what we might be in the future.

 C925fcc141949ac8c953a79a2eba Just to the west of our fair city, lie communities that have grown from hamlets into vibrant communities with very special neighbourhoods.

We have a series, Our Heritage, written by Kathleen A. Hicks and published by the Mississauga Public Library System. 

Come down to the Urban Affairs Library and have a look at these and more:



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