The Big Picture

December 17, 2010 | Dawn

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Photojournalism has it roots in the mid-19th century and the Boston Globe's photo series published over the last three days emphasizes that this art form still flourishes across the globe.

The Big Picture, 120 photographs, published over three days is now complete and available to view online. Take a look at just a few of the events which define the year 2010. 

Mars Rover

To learn more about the power of the photograph why not stop by the Toronto Reference Library and read one of these books:

Digital photojournalism   The photograph   Photojournalism

Digital Photojournalism  by Susan C. Zavoina
The Photograph by Graham Clarke
Photojournalism: the Professionals'Approach by Kenneth Kobre

Stay connected and current through newspapers from across the world here at the Toronto Reference Library's newspaper room, on the lower level. Or explore the past through historical newspapers held in our Baldwin Room.


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