Young Voices Writers Conference 2016


Young voices only


Thanks everyone for an amazing 2016 conference!




2016 Young Voices Writers Conference

Saturday, October 22, 2016
9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
North York Central Library
FREE! Ages 12-19



Anniew Zine Machine

A hit-and-run workshop in the art of messing around with poet and artist, Annie Wong. Using a miscellany of print material and good-old Crayola markers, you'll engage in blackout poetry, surrealist collage making, and a variety of tactics to make your own zany works of literary art.



PashaMallaColourGet a Little Weird
Join novelist and journalist Pasha Malla in a strange writing adventure inspired by the Exquisite Corpse and Consequences parlour games. Elements of chance, randomness and collage will determine character, setting and plot-lines and you'll cobble the wildly various pieces together into a collaborative story. Free yourself from the limits of structure and and get a little weird!


SuenewberryFind Your Own Voice – Write Your Own Lyrics
You have something to say! And why not say it in song? Learn how to write your own lyrics with Sue Newberry, of the band Sue Newberry & The Law. Even if you've never written a song before, you can try out techniques to express yourself and find your own songwriting voice.




GeorgiaWebberComicsArtistDrawing the Inside Out
Learn the value of expressing your personal story through the power of comics with comic artist, Georgia Webber. Comics provide a language each of us can shape and craft in our own unique way. Through the combination of writing, drawing, design, and more, you'll work to articulate your inner world in order to reach the inner worlds of others - by telling great stories.

Alexis YV Conference 2016
Science and Math Can Make You a Better Writer
Do you (secretly maybe) love both science and writing? Explore the intersections between the two with novelist and science geek Alexis von Konigslow. Use science-minded activities as springboards to get writing projects started; learn how writers use science to inform their writing.

Giles benawayTelling Your Story with Poetry
This workshop with Gwen Benaway explores using poetry to express your experiences. Explore how metaphor, imagery, and word choice can help you articulate your story in new and powerful ways. Discover how small edits can have a big impact on your writing.



Ian KetekuThe Power of Words
There’s a story in your throat calling for freedom! Find your inner story and transform it into spoken word poetry. Join World Poetry Slam champ Ian Keteku to explore how inspiring leaders use language to communicate strong messages. Find inspiration, learn the mechanics of writing down your ideas.

Ryan kerr YV Conference 2016Young Voices Open Mic
At lunchtime, you can share your work and see other great performers in this supportive open mic, hosted by artist and activist, Ryan Kerr.


Vivekshraya_press_theboyandthebindi_300dpi cropPASSION, POLITICS & IDENTITIES
with library e writer in residence Vivek Shraya
We are all complicated humans, with many layers and beliefs. This workshop will explore how to incorporate our various passions, politics and identities in our writing, and how writing can be a powerful tool to create change.



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