Get Connected During Teen Tech Week 2023

March 1, 2023 | TPL Staff

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Teen Tech Week is an annual event to encourage teens to explore and discover different technologies available at their local libraries. Check out some of the things you can do at the library during Teen Tech Week, March 5–11, 2023, or any time of the year!

3D Printed Objects
3D Printed tree ornaments of Batgirl and the Joker. Created at the Fabrication studio at North York Central Library.

20 Tech Related Activities To Do at Toronto Public Library

  1. Learn how to DJ or record your own music at a recording studio
  2. Create a podcast or record your band by borrowing a tech kit
  3. Program a robot using lights and motors using an Arduino kit
  4. Learn to code on LinkedIn Learning or O’Reilly Learning and then practice by taking home a Raspberry pi Kit
  5. Make your own video project at a recording studio or at select youth hub locations
  6. Don’t like to learn by yourself? Learn video editing with iMovie with others in-person 
  7. Want to try creating your own vinyl prints? Visit the Fabrication Studio
  8. Design and edit your own projects using the learning centres and digital innovation hubs
  9. Explore image editing using the Adobe Photoshop Suite available at our learning centers, youth hubs, and digital innovation hubs
  10. Get inspired by other teens' art and writing through the digital Young Voices Magazine
  11. Try your hand at digital illustration via our program and while using our Wacom Cintiq graphic tablets
  12. Design and create your own 3D model at a digital innovation hub
  13. Play one of our online escape rooms
  14. Download an ebook, film, and/or audiobook on your phone
  15. Read a book about technology, audio and coding for teens
  16. Meet new friends playing video games
  17. Hem your pants or embroider a design on your sweater with one of the sewing machines in the Fabrication Studio
  18. Understand the implications behind artificial intelligence technologies, like Chat GPT, at one of our talks
  19. Don’t have internet access at home? Find a library branch to use a computer or borrow a laptop, or borrow one of our Wi-Fi hotspots
  20. Interested in a career in technology? Watch a replay of a chat with a mentor in the industry,  a tech careers panel, or discover careers in Tech with NPower

All the programs listed above are free. For complete access to the various digital tools and software, sign up for a library card.

Have fun exploring! Let us know what technologies you would like to check out at the library in the comments below.

Written by Cathy, Youth Services Librarian.