Using Brainfuse for Students and Curriculum Support: Hidden Gems

April 21, 2020 | Laura

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Brainfuse is great for connecting live with Ontario-based tutors and for accessing the Writing Lab for support with your essays. ​Basically, if you need any type of homework help imaginable, they have you covered. If you're new to using Brainfuse, check out our blog post about how to reach live tutors on Brainfuse.

Getting Started with LearnNow

As well as live tutoring, did you know that you can access Brainfuse for lessons and videos that can help you understand concepts, do research for projects and learn new skills? All of these "hidden gems" are available under the LearnNow tab on the ​main page, under the Expert Help column. ​


Brainfuse - LearnNow Screen Shot
This is a what the screen shows once you log into Brainfuse. There are so many options! In this post we cover the LearnNow section.

Once LearnNow is selected, you will find a menu of options for all your educational needs. If you are a student in any grade from 3 to 12 there is a lot of supplementary content for your school work including lessons, videos, tests and much more, all in accordance to Ontario's educational curriculum. Luckily, Brainfuse has organized this large array of material into subsections, by age group and topic.

Brainfuse SkillSurfer Options Screen
Here is a look at the wide variety of topics covered in the SkillsSurfer section.


To give you more insight into this incredible content, I provide detail on each section below in the order that they appear on the webpage. Students will most likely find many of these sections useful.


Elementary — Ontario

This section contains lessons and practice tests in math, science, technology and English for grades 3 to 8. Each lesson begins with an explanation of a concept, and is followed by practice tests. Students can use these resources to understand and practice what they are currently learning in their grades.

Secondary — Ontario

Here, you will find lessons and practice tests for various subject areas for grades 9 to 12. Each lesson begins with an explanation of a concept, and is followed by practice tests. Students can use these resources to understand and practice what they are currently learning in their grades.

Standardized Test Practice

This section provides access to practice versions of Ontario's Standardized Tests, including EQAO, OSSLT and ACE for anyone having to write (or rewrite) that test next year.

University Applications

If you are planning on attend university, you will find great tips on applying for schools, writing admissions essays and excellent links to Ontario universities admission guidelines — all in one place!


This section contains lesson and practice tests for anyone interested in pursuing post-secondary education. I highly recommend this one to any students in grades 11 and 12; you will find excellent videos explaining very complex topics in a simple manner.

Computers and Technology

This section is perfect for those looking to improve and practice their Microsoft Office Suite skills and coding knowledge.

HS Equivalency Programs

Here you can find information and practice tests for the Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate (GED), and resources on Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).

Online Research Skills

This is my personal favourite section which includes in-depth resources on planning your research process (i.e how to do your projects to the best of your ability) and helpful videos on perfecting your Google search skills. This content is totally librarian verified. In a nutshell, research skills are crucial for finding solutions to every problem; whether in school, work or life. The sooner you perfect these skills, the sooner you will find correct facts and appropriate information.

Career Prep

In this section you will find great resume templates and appreciate the interview tips and practice questions provided based for different sectors. Whether you are preparing to apply for summer jobs, or you're embarking on you career journey, check this one out!


This section is for anyone learning English as a Second Language and is useful whether you are a beginner or ready for TOEFL.

Parent Corner

This section provides great articles and content for parents of students in grades K to 12 in both English and French. It provides great tips and resources to support your student's learning at home.


Ultimately when it comes to homework and educational matters in general you are not alone, so check out Brainfuse before you panic. All you need is a library card to sign in. Live tutors are available at your service daily from 2 to 11 pm, excluding holidays.

I hope these resources and lessons from Brainfuse help as you navigate online learning!


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Post updated Sep 10, 2020 to reflect a name change from SkillSurfer to LearnNow within Brainfuse.