Top 7: An Adventure of Sightseeing in Downtown Toronto

November 6, 2019 | Teen Blogger

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Toronto and Algonquin Island
The route of the proposed sightseeing adventure (map).

Text and photos by Youth Advisory Group volunteers, John W. and Simon G, members of Leaside Branch's Youth Advisory Group.


Downtown Toronto is, without a doubt, full of amazing things to see and it’s fun to spend a day looking at them. Here, we propose to you a little sightseeing adventure that’s great for a weekend or summer’s day!

Our adventure follows a nearly-straight line. To get between each location, you can walk, drive, bike or use Toronto’s public transportation (the TTC), but to get from mainland Toronto to Ward’s Island, you’ll want to take the ferry.

1. The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

The architecture of the ROM is something to behold. It is comprised of an old style museum building that joins a modern, crystal design (pictured below). The Crystal’s angles and windows make it mesmerizing from the outside and somewhat confusing from the inside. You may get dizzy while walking around inside it!

Royal Ontario Museum

2. University of Toronto (U of T) St. George Campus

This is the historic campus of one of Canada’s top universities that comprised of many architectural styles from gothic to modern. Below, University College and the ceiling of Soldier’s Tower.

University of Toronto St. George Campus

University College  Soldier' Tower ceiling

3. The Legislative Assembly of Ontario

This is the most important building for the Government of Ontario. It’s where laws are voted on and question period occurs.

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

4. Nathan Philip’s Square

A public square, from here you can see City Hall, Old City Hall and the famous Toronto Sign. Below, the Toronto sign with City Hall in the background and Old City Hall.

New City Hall and TO sign

Old City Hall

5. Eaton Centre

This is a huge shopping centre that is easily accessible by public transit. In fact, there are subway stations that are connected to the Centre! Below, the hanging bird sculptures in the Centre.

Eaton Centre

6. Union Station

View the beautiful train station that has been used in movies!

Union Station

7. Algonquin Island

Take the ferry from the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal to Ward's Island. Walking around, you'll get some breathtaking views of the Toronto skyline!

Algonquin Island

And that's our top seven places to see for downtown Toronto. What are some of your favourite places to visit downtown?

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