Top 10: Exam Study Tips

June 14, 2019 | Teen Blogger

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Studying at Toronto Reference Library
The library is a great place to study for exams. Pictured: Toronto Reference Library.

Teen volunteer Ryan G. from the Leaside Branch Youth Advisory Group pulled together these top 10 tips to help you prepare for exams.

  1. Make an exam review and test yourself on the materials. By testing yourself on the materials, you can see the amount you have memorized and understood.
  2. Ask someone to test you (this is my most advised way to study). By asking someone to test you on the materials, you will be able to confirm or correct your knowledge prior to the test.
  3. Discuss with someone else any material that you do not understand.
  4. Compare your notes with other peers. If you are uncertain about your notes, ask if you can compare your notes with a peer.
  5. Re-cover all of the material. (This tip only applies to students that may have missed part of a course).
  6. Ask teachers, family members or peers for help. If you do not understand your materials, ask them to simplify it or describe the ideas to you.
  7. Do not cram your studying. If you cram, your probability of remembering the materials you have covered will decrease.
  8. Read, write, listen and repeat your materials. By reading, writing and repeating your materials, you will memorize and understand them better.
  9. Organize your notes. By organizing your notes, you will identify your materials faster and will make your studying more efficient.
  10. Complete all of the material and homework that were provided by your teacher or professor. By doing so, you will develop a better idea of the outline of the exam.

The library offers study space in many branches, homework help programs, and tutoring after school in our Youth Hubs, as well as online tutoring through Brainfuse.

Share your own exam study tips in the comments, and best of luck with your exams!

Update: while you can study in our Youth Hubs after school and helpful staff are always available, in-person tutoring is not currently being offered.